Keep on the Shadowfell

And so it begins


Our adventurers, Fenn (Dan – Human Ranger), Jaxx Bundleroy Prosser (Neal – Longtooth Shifter (wolfman) Fighter) and Rudiger Thunderhat (Dara – In this instance, a Human Cleric, but will be some kind of wizard) were travelling west along the Kings Road towards the small town of Winterhaven. Fenn was investigating rumours that there was some kind of organisation/cult that had some link to the murder of his family and the sacking of his family estate (Elaborated on in the backstory of Fenn). Fenn had met Jaxx and Rudiger on the way to Winterhaven (INSERT REASON YOU ALL MET HERE). Rudiger, being a wizard (although, temporarily a cleric for a day) was interested in the rumours that an ancient dragon was buried near Winterhaven, and wanted to investigate. Having recently escaped from the monkey fighting circus, Jaxx wanted to see the world and empathised with Fenn’s plight, deciding to tag along and put his fighting skills to the use of good.

When nearing Winterhaven, our party was set upon by a small band of rust coloured lizard humanoids known as Kobolds. Easily dispatching their foes, the fight included such highlights as Fenn ‘running through’ a Kobold Minion, leaving its dripping lifeless corpse hanging from his blade, Rudiger burning the shoulder off a Kobold Dragonshield and Jaxx decapitating one Kobold Minion before charging down a recently wounded (by Fenn) Kobold Slinger and detaching its torso from its legs. After that he then put the flames out. Oh, did I mention? Jaxx was on fire.

Upon arriving in Winterhaven, our trio were pointed towards Wraftons Inn by the guards at the gate. Being early evening, many of the townsfoke were in attendance getting pissed up. Our heroes sparked up a conversation with Sylvana Wrafton, proprietor of the inn and she pointed them in the direction of the towns Lord, Lord Padrig. Fenn approached brandishing the recently severed head of a Kobold Minion, which he later hid in his jacket because Rudiger was ashamed of him. Lord Padrig was dismissive of the idea of a cult in winterhaven, but did offer the adventurers 100 gold pieces a head if they could take care of the Kobolds that have been menacing the town. The party left to consider the offer. They then spoke to a crazy old farmer called Elian, who was no help at all and smelt a bit… off. Ditching him, they approached Valthurun, the town Sage, who knew little of current affairs, but was well versed in local history. He told the party about a ruined Keep in the area, that he believed to be an old watchtower of the old empire. He promised to spend some time scouring his books for additional information and told the party to come back in a couple of days where he would let them know what he found.

Finally our party approached an introverted, grumpy ass elf named Ninaran. The elf did nothing but tell the party to ‘fuck off’ until Fenn mentions the Cult. At this point Ninaran perks up, explaining to the party that he thought he was the only one who had noticed it and thought that most of the townspeople were involved. He told the party that he saw people coming and going from a cave near a waterfall, and that he thought the cult were in league with the Kobolds.

Our party then accepted the offer from Lord Padrig (as they were going to slaughter some Kobolds anyway) and proceeded to get rooms for the night. Fenn, feeling the need for entertainment but abhorring the thought of touching a ‘common’ girl, employed 2 local wenches for 2 gold pieces each to come to his room and put on a ‘show’ for him. Jaxx, liking this idea, also approached a wench, but simply queried

‘How much for a good hard shag?’

The wench, looking the wolfman up and down, replied ‘For your type? 5 gold pieces’. Jaxx readily accepted this offer, and lead his wench away for a night of hairy loving.

Rudiger went to bed alone, possibly disgusted by the thought of Jaxx’s hairy phallus.

In the morning, our adventurers set out to investigate the waterfall cave.

On the way, they were once again set upon by a band of Kobolds. This time, the creatures were tougher and better prepared, obviously seeking vengeance for the loss of their comrades. After a tough fight, in which Jaxx required quite a substantial amount of emergency medical attention from Rudiger, their foes lay slain. On the body of a the Kobold Wrympriest was an amulet, inscribed with a skull that the party identified as the mark of Orcus, the demon prince of the Undead.

Relieving the Kobolds of their valuables the party Rudiger was forced to return to town through injury, needing assistance from Fenn to make it. This left Jaxx to press on alone to the cave, where he arrives in a clearing, currently undetected.




  • Fenn – 200 GP
  • Jaxx – 100 GP
  • Rudiger – 50GP



  • 1 Kobold Wyrmpriest
  • 2 Kobold Dragonshield
  • 1 Kobold Skirmisher
  • 1 Kobold Slinger
  • 2 Kobold Minions


  • 5 GP 45 SP
  • Amulet of Orcus, Deamon prince of the Undead – 80GP

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 91 XP
  • Encounter 2 – 125 XP
  • Total – 216 XP



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