Jaxx Bundleroy Prosser

Fighter played by Neal


Prosser was gestated in, and hatched from, a giant lemon, the son of wolfman Cooper Cooper-Cooper and Sally von Prostitute (she isn’t a prostitute). He was a quiet and intelligent child, studious, discerning and interested in the good ways of life.

As a teen he rebelled though, infamously sacking the tiny town of Cradlebork, armed with a sharp twig and aided by the disabled dwarf Perkins and a miniature shire horse called Dweebil. He immediately repented and decided that he would only transmit the good vibes of life from then on.

The road to good is a rocky path though, and he was indiscriminately caught by a travelling Malevolent Monkey circus, whereby nightly he was forced to fight all types of simians in a boxing ring for the entertainment of spectators, culminating famously in his utter dismantling of a massive baboon called Roy.

Upon his escape from the circus, he ran into the wilderness whereupon he lived semi-wild, meditated, regained his composure and put the harrowing effects of monkey pugilism behind him.

Now he just wants to live a normal life and help those who are bullied, persecuted and afflicted by cruel luck.

Jaxx Bundleroy Prosser

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