Keep on the Shadowfell

What's that coming over the hill?

It's a massive baboon called Roy!

Meanwhile in town Nathaniel Vog Asbjorn of Nafni suspects that undead raising in the graveyard must be the work of some kind of arcane ritual and he suggests speaking to Valthrun the Prescient to see if he might be able to offer more information. Fenn had heard that a Cleric, a specialist in the undead, had come into town so he proceeds to the temple to attempt to gain his assistance in this investigation.

In the temple, Sister Linora is speaking to an armor clad figure, the cleric Kaylin. Fenn approaches and explains the situation, asking the cleric for his help. The request is readily accepted, Kaylin having come to Winterhaven after hearing reports of a death cult in the area.

The pair head off to see Valthrun hoping to garner more information of the recent undead incursion. Valthrun says he has heard of such rituals and he turns to dig through a chest full of scrolls before producing one that details such a thing. It apparently would require some setup using some kind of magic circle, but would also need around 10 viles of blood taken from the local populace. This makes Valthrun remember that Sister Linora had complained recently of a number of outlying farmers visiting her for healing for strange wounds.

Fenn and Kaylin quickly return to the temple, where Sister Linora explains that a number of farmers had indeed visited her with strange wounds. One of those farmers was Eilian the Old. Moving onto the tavern our heroes find Eilian sat in the corner drinking, muttering softly to himself. After a frustrating conversation with the insane farmer, the pair finally get him to allow them to investigate his wound. Pulling back his collar shows a small incision on his neck which Kaylin identifies as an area where some kind of hypodermic device could have been used. Eilian eventually imparts that he doesn’t know where the wound came from, but he does remember waking up in a back alley on the west side of town a few days ago. He assumed he had just been drunk and stumbled there before falling unconscious.

The party quickly head to the place identified by Eilian. Fenn hides across the street while Kaylin acts like a drunk and stumbles into the alley hoping to lure out the perpetrator. Some time passes uneventfully and Kaylin deduces that if the ritual has already been activated, those responsible for it may no longer be in town, let alone still gathering components. He calls Fenn over and the two search the alley. They find a scuffed area behind some discarded crates and a closer inspection reveals that someone was sat here and there are some blood spots on the wall and floor nearby. Reasonably fresh tracks lead away from the scene and are swiftly followed by Fenn’s trained eye.

The tracks lead to a residential building that 4 separate accommodations. The duo cautiously enter but the only person is an older woman leaving for the market. Quickly interrogating the woman they find out that the door the muddy footprints lead to is owned by none other than the elf, Ninaran. Listening at the door indicates that no one is home, so the pair break the door down and go inside. A search of the room reveals many ritual components and a hypodermic device as well as some empty containers and a bloody rag. It is clear that Ninaran is not who he said he was. A note signed by Kalarel is found that contains instructions to Ninaran to be wary of adventurers and what to do should he encounter trouble.

Suddenly Fenn and Kaylin realise that their friends may be in trouble at the graveyard, so immediately set out to help them. Outside of town on the road the pair are suddenly stopped by a couple of rough looking characters. It is clear that they have been hired to stop the meddling duo who after a short conversation prepare for a fight. The ruffians fall quickly to the skilled heroes and Fenn is delighted to find that one of them was carrying a magic sword, specifically a paired longsword which as he picks it up splits into two identical weapons. Being a wielder of duel blades, Fenn immediately discards his old mundane weapons. A note on the bodies confirms that the two were indeed hired mercenaries. Fearing for their friends, Fenn and Kaylin hurry onwards towards the graveyard….

Meanwhile Louis Soullier throws three strange objects at Jaxx Bundleroy Prosser, Farfalle Agnolotti and Rudiger Thunderhat. Both Farfalle and Rudiger are immediately engulfed and restrained by magical vines that sprout in an instant from the fallen seed. The third merely drops harmlessly to Jaxx’s feet. Louis exclaims in disgust how he will ‘Kill that merchant’ before ordering his guards to subdue Jaxx. The three brigands approach and start to overwhelm the lone Jaxx. Luckily, just at that time, Fenn and Kaylin, closely followed by a hurriedly catching up Nathaniel arrive on the scene. This new development upsets Louis who calls forth deadly lighting to strike the new arrivals. Shrugging off the damage the three charge into the frey, Fenn immediately closing in on Louis and cutting a deep wound into him. Kaylin and Nathaniel keep their distance, healing the wounded Jaxx and attempting to barrage the ruffians surrounding him.

Now wounded an enraged Louis screams ‘What are you waiting for? Get out here NOW!’. From behind a nearby rock a large figure appears. It is a large ape like creature that has a huge scar down its face and a patch covering its left eye. It is Roy the Massive Baboon! He screams angrily at the sight of Jaxx and jumps into the fray, clawing and biting at Fenn. He arrives too late to save Louis however who is swiftly cut down. Jaxx begins to gain the upper hand over his assailants who fall one by one. Finally Roy is the last enemy to fall and the party breath a sigh of relief after the tough fight.

They release Rudiger and Farfalle from their viney casings and relieve their ambushers of their belongings…



  • +1 Paired Longsword
  • 500 Gold

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – XP
  • Encounter 2 – XP
  • Total – XP
  • Running Total – XP



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