Keep on the Shadowfell

The adventure continues


Arriving at a clearing surrounded by trees, Jaxx could hear the sound of cascading water to the east. He proceeded stealthly through the woods and as he approached the edge of the trees, could see a number of Kobolds near a waterfall. There was also a strange magic circle enscribed on the ground near a stream.

Jaxx observed for a moment, outmatched by the number of kobolds present. However, at that moment friends of the party, the bard Farfalle Agnolotti and the sorcerer Nathaniel Vog Asbjorn of Nafni arrived, having met Fenn and Rudiger who pointed them in the direction of Jaxx.

Nathaniel and Farfalle had been travelling around a day behind the rest of the party, having business to take care of in the nearby town of Fallcrest.

Jaxx welcomed the arrival off his friends, signaling to them of the impending threat. With his half elven eyes Farfalle noticed more kobolds through the thick trees. Preparing for battle, Jaxx charged out of the trees to attack the nearest enemy, a Kobold Dragonshield standing in the center of the magical circle.

The advantage of suprise tipped the battle in favor of our adventurers, many of the kobolds falling to Axe and Fire before even getting a chance to move. Farfalle viciously mocked many enemies, before a deafening shout of triumph forced his enemies back and his allies forward, pressing even more of an advantage.

All the while, Jaxx forced the enemies into melee combat, giving space to his compatriots and destroying his enemies with his trusty battle axe. Nathaniel launched spells of fire and lightning which singed and struck multiple enemies at once, felling many.

A kobold slinger, heavily damaged by fire, attempted to run, screaming something in an uniltelligable language. Before he could reach the saftey of the cave, he was struck down by a bolt of lightning from Nathaniel.

Taking a break, our party prepared themselves to breach the waterfall. Jaxx was the first through, and was met by a gathering of, this time, prepared kobolds. He charged the nearest one, bringing his axe to bear and cutting a mighty wound into the creature. Nathaniel and Farfalle followed closly and together they quickly began to overwhelm the weaker opponents. ‘This lair is easier than we thought’ they said to themselves.

That comment was met with the harsh bleating of a horn which heralded the approach of a tough looking battle scarred goblin acompanied by a Kobold Dragonshield and a Kobold Wyrmpriest. They charged into battle causing the party significant damage. Now the fight was on!

Seeing the approach of an exceptionally tough enemy, our heroes decided to unleash their greatest powers. Nathaniel started with a Chromatic Orb, which struck the goblin with devastating effect. This was followed by a Stirring Shout from Farfalle which landed with critical effect, again damaging the goblin with a wall of force and causing his allies to feel bolstered by attacking the targetted enemy.

As the fight wore on, Jaxx took a beating, the healing from Farfalle not enough to stop him becoming battered and bloodied. Jaxx drew on his reserves increasing his strength and regenerating his health like only a Longtooth Shifter can, then landing a mighty strike on the goblin which served to enhance his constitution greatly.

One by one their foes dropped, until only the goblin remained. Bloodied, he entered a rage, his attacks becoming even more ferocious as Jaxx found out only too well. Heroically Jaxx fought toe to toe with the goblin, until finally Nathaniel was able to use an opening to blast a bolt of electricity into it. The goblin convulsed and in his fury went to swing his weapon at Jaxx, however before it could connect, the surging energy overcame him and he collapsed to the floor dead.

Taking time to recover from the hard fight, our party began a thorough search of the lair. On the goblins corpse they found a note which read


and a pouch containing some gold and a small silver key. There was also a small collection of treasures, evidently taken by the kobolds during their raids against merchants. Of note was a chest which was locked. Jaxx used the key they found and the chest clicked open, revealing a large pile of gold and a suit of magical chainmail armor. The party decided to give the armor to Jaxx and upon wearing it, he could feel that he could draw on the power of the armor to bolster his health.

Exhausted, our heroes returned to town. When they arrived the populace were quiet and wary. The streets were deserted and only the warm light of the inn looked welcoming. The usual suspects were in the inn drinking. Lord Padraig thanked the party and gave them their reward, while Farfalle had a nice chat with Eilian the Old about cabbages, finally deducing that the old farmer was mental!

Ninaran seemed pleased to see that the party had return unharmed, but was confused that they found no evidence of cult activity at the cave. He was adamant he had seen them!

Valthrun the Prescient had the most interesting information. Having scoured his books he had found that the Keep in the area was built by the old empire of Nereth, however it wasn’t built as a watchtower to protect the area, it was built to guard a rift to the Shadowfell, a place of darkness and shadows. While not all areas of the Shadowfell are evil, it is said that the rift below the Keep leads to a dark fortress of Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead, allowing passage for all kinds of ghouls and undead horrors. There was another story of the keep. It is said that even though it was sealed, the power of the rift was great, destroying the minds of men. One such man was the captain of the guard, a powerful knight known as Sir Keegan. The legend goes that one fateful night, his mind left him and he began to systematically slaughter the residents of the keep. His wife and child were the first to fall at his blade, followed by his most trusted advisors and finally, the many men under his command. Keegan was too skilled for any one soldier to defeat, however eventually the garrison managed to mount an organised defense. They drove Sir Keegan into the dungeons below the keep where he was dispatched.

Lord Padraig offered the party 200gp to clear the keep of goblins as they may pose a threat to the town. Feeling the task was worth more, they bartered their way up to 100gp a head.

It was getting late, so the party decided to retire for the night. Jaxx however, feeling flush with cash after the days trials, decided he wanted some more action. He tracked down the wench from the previous night who, to his suprise, offered him a ‘freebie’. It seems Jaxx puts in a good performance! He also enslited the services of another 2 wenches at 2GP each and led them away for a night of sordid debauchary.

The morning saw our adventurers set out to the keep. As they approached, the previously strong wind died to a deathly stillness. All sounds of wildlife in the area had gone and all that remained of the delapadated keep was tumbled rock and ruined walls. A path seemed to be cleared through the rubble leading to a dark staircase that lead into the bowels of the earth.

At the bottom of the stairs was a dimly lit room with four stone pillars. Jaxx was the first to progress across the room and as he did so Nathaniel and Farfalle could only watch with suprise as he disappeared through the floor in a cloud of dust.

Coming to his senses at the bottom of a pit covered in a stone coloured canvas, Jaxx could feel hundereds of tiny clawed squeeking creatures crawling all over him. He immediatly stood up, the rats gnawing and biting at him. Luckily his armor stood up to the task and his swift reactions and deft physical ability enabled him to scramble up the side of the pit to saftey before the swarm could overwhelm him. Unfortunatly, at that moment an arrow flew out of the darkness and a number of goblins charged from the surrounding corridors.

A short fight later and the goblins lay slain, evidently a small guard patrol stationed at the entrance to ambush any foolish enough to enter. A quick rest later and the party were ready to survey their surroundings. The nearby rooms had little of interest, containing only filthy beds and stacked, rancid supplies. Progressing down a corridor, Farfalle lit a sunrod which bathed the dank corridors in welcome bright light.

The group opened a door at the end of a corridor and descended some stairs revealing a dimly lit room that had been mostly dug out, leaving only small islands connected by rickety planks of wood. A dark staircase was nearby that lead deeper into the earth.


  • 1 Kobold Wyrmpriest
  • 2 Kobold Dragonshield
  • 1 Kobold Skirmisher
  • 1 Kobold Slinger
  • 10 Kobold Minions
  • 1 Irontooth
  • 2 Goblin Cutter
  • 1 Goblin Warrior
  • 1 Goblin Sharpshooter


  • Suit of +1 Dwarven Chainmail

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – 125 XP
  • Encounter 2 – 258 XP
  • Encounter 3 – 133 XP
  • Total – 516 XP
  • Running Total – 732 XP



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