Keep on the Shadowfell

Goblins, Jellies and Prossers Past

Just then, Rudiger Thunderhat arrives behind the party. He informs Nathaniel Vog Asbjorn of Nafni that there is some important business for him to take care of in Winterhaven and that he must leave immediatly to meet Fenn. Rudiger remains to assist in the dungeon.

The party then spy 2 goblins on a bridge, apparently arguing with each other about something unintelligible. Jaxx Bundleroy Prosser moves stealthily up to try and suprise them, however Farfalle Agnolotti and Rudiger trip over each other, clattering their equipment into the walls. The goblins now alerted, scream at the party and charge.

The two goblins fall quickly however further into the room an as til now unseen goblin starts peppering the party with crossbow bolts. As the party attempt to move up on them some large lizard like creatures, Guard Drakes, run up the ramps from the lower levels. They start to bite and tear at the party, their pack mentatlity making them more vicious while fighting together.

The party were eventually victorious and once the enemies were dead, they took stock of the situation. They were stood in what appeared to be an excavation site. It was unknown what the goblins were trying to uncover, but the only thing of value was a worn old holy symbol buried in some rock.

The party rested and moved on, heading south. The stairs gave way to hewn rock and the room became pitch black. A sunrod was cracked and its brilliant light revealed a cave, evidently part of a natural cavern system under the keep. Large shadows flitted between the stalagmites and stalagtites and much of the ground looked uneven and difficult. The party entered the room cauciously, Jaxx taking the lead. Suddenly a number of giant rats jumped on the party from the ceiling, ambushing all members. Surrounded the party fought and quickly overwhelmed the weaker rats. Unfortunatley an odd creature, an Ochre Jelly, had sensed the party in combat and oozed out of its lair believing the occupied adventures to be an easy meal. It was wrong! A tough fight followed, the last of the rats falling leaving the party able to concentrate on the yellow blob. Jaxx landed a mightly blow which cut it in half…. unfortunatley for the party, this just seemed to create 2 of the creatures that they had to fight. Confused but unable to escape, the party continued their bitter fight until finally they were the victors. Bloodied and bruised, they decided that retreating to the town to recuperate would be the best course of action.

Approaching the town, everything seemed earily quiet and the gates were locked tight. Hailing the guards, the party soon gained entry, only to be met by a frantic Lord Padraig.

“You must help us. The dead! They have risen from their graves!”

The party, currently in no condition to fight, insisted that they must rest, but that their services were available for hire. Lord Padraig agreeed to pay the party 100gp a head for dealing with the problem, and posted extra guard while our heroes rested and recovered from their wounds.

On the way to the tavern, there was suddenly a shout

“Prosser? PROSSER! It’s you. I finally found you my old friend!”

Turning his head, Jaxx recognised, with shock, his old ringmaster Louis Soullier. The tall wirey man approached confidently, slapping Jaxx on the shoulder and laughing heartily.

“It’s good to see you again!” he beamed.

Jaxx, understandadly sceptical, immediatly asked Louis what he wanted.

“Ahh, same old Jaxx, always straight to the point! Well I was thinking, would it be great if my old star attraction returned for another tour! It would be just like the good old days! What do you say?”

Jaxx refused, bluntly and without hesitation. Just then some thuggish looking men approached from behind Louis. The party then realised that Louis wasn’t really asking. They stood their ground, intimidating the group evidently causing Louis to reconsider his tact.

“500 gold pieces up front and much more where that came from! How about it Jaxx?” he queried.

Again Jaxx refused and just as a fight almost broke out, a militiaman approached asking if there was any problem. Louis and his gang replied that there was none and took their leave. The party entered the tavern to retreat to their rooms and rest (wenches in tow).

Once rested they headed straight for the graveyard, an area about an hours travel from the town. Entering the graveyard, everything seemed quiet. The party began to wonder if they had been sent on a wild goose chase, but then Rudiger noticed something. A strange glowing circle of power deeper in the graveyard. They approached cauciously and as they got near suddenly the ground shook and burst all around them. Many skeletons pulled themselves from their graves, worn swords and bows in their grasp. A low growling from behind a mausoleum revealed a zombie gravehound, an abomination made from someones once beloved pet.

Rudiger quickly deduced that the magic circle was responsible for binding magic to these foes and began to use his knowledge of the arcane to undo it. The rest of the party faught valiantly to defend him while he worked. When Rudiger was almost done dispelling the magic, suddenly from inside one of the mausoleums appeared Ninaran his bow raised and ready for combat. The party seemed grateful that help had arrived and the first arrow was loosed, squarly hitting…. Farfalle?

“What is the meaning of this?” the party shouted.

“You just couldn’t die like you were supposed to could you? Lord Kalarel will reward me greatly for disposing of you” replied the elf.

Barely managing to survive the onslaught, suddenly Rudiger exclaimed his success. The magic circle dissapated and immediatly the undead crumbled to dust. The tide had turned. A now shocked Ninaran tried to make his escape, however he could not outrun the magic missiles of Rudiger. The elf fell. Taking stock, the party searched the area. On Ninaran’s body were instructions for creating a ritual to raise the dead, signed again by Kalarel. Another note read

“Password: From the ground, some magic was found”.

The party stored the notes and left the graveyard, heading back to town to collect their reward.

On the Kings Highway the party were suddenly stopped by a familiar face. From behind some large rocks stepped Louis Soullier and his thugs.

“Sorry Prosser, but i’m not leaving here without you! You couldn’t do it the easy way could you?”


  • 2 Goblin Cutters
  • 1 Goblin Sharpshooter
  • 2 Guard Drakes
  • 7 Giant Rats
  • 1 Ochre Jelly
  • 7 Decrepit Skeletons
  • 1 Gravehound Zombie
  • Ninaran


  • +1 Holy Symbol of Battle
  • 40 gold

Experience per Member

  • Encounter 1 – XP
  • Encounter 2 – XP
  • Encounter 3 – XP
  • Total – XP
  • Running Total – 1081 XP



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